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“Orikkal Rajumon ennodu chodhichu…”
All are familiar with this super hit dialogue which once echoed in theatres, and crowned our Lalettan the superstar of the industry. The news is that ‘Rajavinte Makan’, is all set to be remade soon…!
Director Thampi Kannanthanam and script writer Dennis Joseph is working behind the screens to repeat the history. Lalettan, who made Vincent Gomas, an imperishable role in the Malayalam film history, is doing it again after a long 25 years. Suresh Gopi, will be doing ‘Kumar’, Vincent’s trusted gangster. The role of Ratheesh, will be remade by Biju Menon. The female lead role will be done by Asin or Vidya Balan.
The film will be produced under Aashirwad Films. We can wait for Antony Perumbavur to reveal more details about this film.
About Rajavinte Makan (1986)
Rajavinte Makan is a Malayalam film released in 1986 directed by Thampi Kannanthanam featuring Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Ambika and Ratheesh. Mohanlal played an underworld Don Vincent Gomez in the movie, scripted by Dennis Joseph.The racy script and hard hitting dialogues went a long way in making the movie a Blockbuster.Highly Successful at the box office, this was Mohanlal’s early breakthrough role and considered to be his all time favorite by his fans.The film became such a huge hit that Mohanlal turned into a superstar overnight.The story is loosely based upon the novel Rage of Angels (1983) by Sidney Sheldon.
The film starts with Krishnadas (Ratheesh) becoming chief minister of Kerala. After college graduation Krishnadas starts working for an Underworld Don Vincent Gomas (Mohanlal). He helped Krishnadas to reach heights and also makes steps to enter politics. With his help Krishnadas made a good political career. But after becoming a promising member in kerala politics he cheats Vincent Gomas to gain a high position among people as well as the party. Thus he became chief minister by creating a deathwell enemy Vincent Gomas. Now Vincent comes to play to give a payback and he very well gives this by cheating an advocate played by Ambika (Nancy) who carries the case of his file which if submitted to court may lead to imprisonment for several years. He soon became known about Nancy that she was an orphan and has got a child (Rajumon) and went through a divorce. This incident makes her situation further critical by losing her job. And soon he becomes sympathetic to Nancy and helps her in an extreme unconditional time. Thus they become friends and Vincent proposes to Nancy, but she rejects him with giving no reason. But as Krishnadas plays new dirty games around Vincent Gomas with his political power, Vincent goes losing all his wealth. And finally he plans to kill Krishnadas who cheated him to death. But he escapes miraculously from the traps of Kumar (Suresh Gopi) who is a trusted gangster of Vincent Gomas. Kumar and another mate gets killed during the attack against the Krishnadas. The losing of his trusted friends makes him extremely violent and vengeful. At that very moment he takes his gun and drives towards the Parliament where Krishnadas works as a minister. He fires his AK-47 towards the police force around the place and killing them along with the minister’s party members. He runs toward Krishnadas with the gun, while all of a sudden, Nancy appears in front of Krishnadas to tell to Vincent Gomas that he is the father of her child which she kept secret from others. Nancy begs Vincent Gomas for Krishnadas’ life. At the same time cops reach the plot and shoots Vincent Gomas several times. He ends up dying in the hands of Nancy. The Film ends as Nancy stares at the picture of Vincent Gomas on his housewall

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